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Download Fanco Ceiling Fan Manual

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• CONTENTS INTRODUCTION..1 MOUNTING RECOMMENDATIONS. • MOUNTING RECOMMENDATIONS Before mounting your Casablanca fan, read the following helpful recommendations. The location of the fan, air circulation, and fan size are all important factors to consider before installation. Location Ceiling fans have practical uses in almost every room in your home.

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We suggest you follow these mounting recommen- dations as you decide where to install your Casablanca fan. • For safety reasons, the fan blades must be a minimum of 7′ above the floor. • Do not locate the fan in a doorway or above a swinging door. • In any installation, the tips of the blades must be at least 18″ from the wall in order to provide sufficient clearance for the blades. • In bedrooms, fans work best when mounted above the foot of the bed. • ™ ™ tarlet INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Unpacking: Before assembling and installing your ceiling fan, remove all parts from the shipping cartons and check them against the parts listed here.

Before discarding packaging material, be certain that all parts have been removed. SETUP Setup: Remove the fan body from the box and place the body of the fan on top of a cloth on a flat surface. This will protect the fan body from being scratched during assembly. PERMA • LOCK™ HARDWARE LOCKING BOLT DOWNROD & BALL (MOTOR COUPLING) ASSEMBLY FAN PREPARATION IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION!

Download Fanco Ceiling Fan ManualDownload Fanco Ceiling Fan ManualDownload Fanco Ceiling Fan ManualFanco Ceiling Fans

BEFORE STARTING THE INSTALLATION OF YOUR CEILING FAN, INSTALL THE THREADED DOWNROD INTO THE MO- TOR COUPLING AND LOCK THE ASSEMBLY GROUND WIRE. • CEILING HARDWARE 1″ x 8-32 ROUND HEAD SCREWS (2) WIRE NUT (4) FLAT WASHER (2) LAG SCREW AND WASHER CROSSBAR MOUNTING BRACKET GETTING STARTED Installing a New Ceiling Fixture Outlet Box Using Existing Ceiling Fixture Outlet Box If you do not have an existing fixture located where you After turning the power OFF at its source (either circuit wish to place your Casablanca fan, an approved ceiling breaker or fuse box), lower the old fixture and discon- fixture outlet box must be installed and wired. • ™ ™ tarlet CANOPY HARDWARE CANOPY HATCH CANOPY SCREW (4) CANOPY LOCK PHILLIPS WASHER (4) SCREWDRIVER CANOPY CANOPY INSTALLATION Step 2. Attach the canopy to the crossbar mounting bracket with three of the 8-32 x 2 ″ long canopy screws and canopy lock washers. Tighten the screw firmly by hand only.

Note: On sloped ceilings, align the canopy opening towards the CROSSBAR top or room peak. Pokemon Ash Gray Orange Islands Download Gba on this page. • BLADE HARDWARE BLADE BLADE SCREW RUBBER WASHER METAL WASHER (4 PER BLADE) (4 PER BLADE) (4 PER BLADE) BLADE INSTALLATION Step 3.

Assemble the blades BLADE SCREW to the motor using the blade & WASHERS screws, rubber washers and metal washers. Hand tighten firmly.

BLADE SCREW METAL WASHER RUBBER WASHER. • ™ ™ tarlet HANGING THE FAN Step 4. To hang the fan body in the canopy, hold the fan body firmly and insert the ball into the canopy opening.

BALL Check that no wires were pinched. Rotate the fan body until the slot in the nylon ball fits into the pin opposite the canopy opening. SLOT CANOPY ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Step 5a. Attach the fan wires to the ceiling fixture outlet box wiring by twisting the bare ends of the wires together and then securing with a wire nut. Test that the connection is secure by pulling on the wire nut. Connect in this order: 2 BLACK WIRES Step 5b. • ATTACHING THE LIGHT FIXTURE STEPS 9a - 9c Step 9a.

Before getting started, remove the rubberband from the plug connector. Install two of the three light adapter screws into the light adapter plate. Thread the plug connec- tor through the hole in the center of the light adapter plate. • ™ ™ tarlet INSTALLING THE HALOGEN BULB IMPORTANT! When installing the halogen bulb, carefully cut off the end of the plastic sleeve the bulb comes in and hold the bulb by the plastic sleeve to screw it into the socket. Screw the 75-watt halogen bulb into the socket.