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Fiat Grande Punto Ecu Software Update

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I've had a look a 2007 Grande Punto with the 1.3 diesel engine (75bhp). It seems to shudder and judder in 4th and 5th gear when pulling from 1200-1350rpm in 4th and 5th gear. Otherwise engine performance is fine.

When the fault is present, the rev counter dances about sympathy and its clear from the engine noise that it's hunting up and down. The shuddering feels like the throttle is being stamped on and released in very quick succession. Disconnecting the MAF and EGR valve make no difference. The EGR solenoid was removed and the spring-loaded valve itself moved in and out by hand and wasn't sticking.

The air intake pipework is not leaking and the air and fuel filters have been replaced and again made no difference. I scanned using a basic scantool and no fault codes were reported. Reading the live data showed nothing obviously amiss although commanded EGR operation when the fault is present showed the ECU commanding opening and closing in a pattern that was following the shuddering. As said above, disconnecting the EGR makes no difference to the fault.

Anyone any idea's on this? I'm considering buying Fiat Multiscan software to progress this as I've a feeling my current scantool might not be reading manufacturer codes which might help unlock this!

The software is with free updates of diagnostic functions and. Fixed ECU recognition on. FiCOM is diagnostic software for Fiat, Alfa, Lancia and light Iveco.

>FIAT Cars >Grande Punto >(T) Software update.excess. You are currently viewing the FIAT Forum as a guest which gives you limited. Fiat grande Punto 1.9. Fiat Common ECU Faults. This Power steering column is a very common problem for the Fiat Punto 1.2. Very common fault for the Grande Punto built from 2005. >FIAT Cars >Grande Punto >(T) Software update. You are currently viewing the FIAT Forum as a guest which gives. Update: Fiat have said that they need to.

Hello Everybody, I need a good advice/help. I got my Doblo since 2010, little faults etc, all sorted by myself and my ELM+Multiecuscan (this is why we are here ).but now I stuck. Little prelude: Doblo 1.9JTD type 223, 1.5yrs ago bought from ebay a tuning box, (from TDI-Tuning), perfect, in city the fuel consumption dropped from 9l to 6.7l/100km. 1 months ago I removed all the injectors, got new seals, sorted. Prepared the car for a long England to Hungary trip, same as we did last year without any problem. ~2100km in 5.7l/100km average perfect. But, backway, just in the middle of Germany limp mode, grrrrr.

I got my laptop and the ELM, connection, body, dashboard. But no engine module. I guess, its tried to start a DPF cleaning, but as it never was success ( I did it manually before) and this is why it went to limp mode.

Fiat Grande Punto 2006

But why I cant see the ECU (I got a U1601 C-Can line error), before I was able to connect -F16 7.5amp fuse checked, OK -ECU connectors contact cleaned And now, my Doblo not rewing upper than ~3200, black smoke, no power. Today morning I checked all the connections in the engine bay fusebox, the other box (in the middle, just over the engine), and the driver side fusebox front, I left few more connections on the back, but I didnt had time to clean that side. Cleaned (with carb cleaner) and reconnected the MAF sensor. Didnt started the engine as I halfway in the EGR cleaning, just tried to connect to the ECU, and still the same. Only the Body computer and the Dashboard appear, the engine not. The funny thing is, nothing changed, same laptop, same ELM adaptor, same 1.7 registered multiecuscan, the above two comp.

Is working and communicating, so the rest should be fine. So this is the sad situation. Any answer and solution appreciated.

Thanks in advance! .Todays update fixed back everything to start the engine, diagnostic, still no connection to ECU. Engine start, slow rewing up, aaand lots smoke. Im guess is still in limp mode, but without reaching the ECU. Well In the meantime I just bought a e-manual, tomorrow searching thru the cable nodes between ECU and body comp.

Fiat Grande Punto Ecu Software Update

Maybe I will find something Any ideas welcome Today's update 2. I nearly forgot, I got a family friend with Fiat Grande Punto 1.9JTD.

Fiat Grande Punto Ecu Software Update

So letz gooo Aaaaand its connected to ECU, so, I know now my ELM+laptop+software is OK. This is the good news. The engine started with same sickness, no ECU connection, so I will check the cables and connection between OBD and ECU.

Gonna be a good fun I will update later, Any ideas welcome. Mixed feeling, but much more better now. Yesterday I sorted the ECU thing. Download Film World War Z Bluray Ganool. I working in nights, so not easy, but the first thing to share what happened Did anybody know that, if you have a blown F39 10A fuse (on the body comp), which is a radio, and you forget to change, like me, because you have a permanent own installed +12V wire to the radio, you wont be able to communicate with the Engine modul? I put a new one in, and voila After removed -just for test-, and same result like before. Now, I seen the ECU, yepp. Went to limp mode, didnt cleaned the DPF.

This is the reason, still.and here is the second issue I tried to clean but was not successful. Incorrect conditions:( The question is, what conditions needed for DPF force regen? What I roughly know: EGR closed, cleaned and in working condition (I had a 3.8899 something%), Minimum% fuel(?) No other error codes(?) Min 70C engine temperature Pre-cat/particulate filter temperature(?) Is there are any minimum distance what is have to do between two force regen (ex min 100km)(?) Please help, i feel I just one step away from the solution Thanks in advance guys.