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Good Kid Maad City Clean Version Zip

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• ' Released: April 3, 2012 • ' Released: July 31, 2012 • ' Released: January 7, 2013 • ' Released: January 15, 2013 • ' Released: March 18, 2013 Good Kid, M.A.A.D City (stylized as good kid, m.A.A.d city) is the second studio album by American rapper. The album was released on October 22, 2012, by,, and was distributed. The album serves as Lamar's debut, after his signing to Aftermath and Interscope in early 2012.

Kendrick Lamar Maad City Clean Diego Avila. Kid Clutch 72,820 views. (Clean Version) - Duration. Buy good kid, m.A.A.d city [Clean Version] (CD) by Kendrick Lamar (CD $14.98). Amoeba Music. Ships Free in the U.S. As the triumphant closer “Compton” plays with west coast pioneer Dr. Dre featured, it becomes clear that a torch is being passed to a new hip- hop great.

Good kid, m.A.A.d city is the sophomore album by Kendrick Lamar, released on October 22, 2012 through Top Dawg Entertainment, Aftermath Entertainment and. As the triumphant closer “Compton” plays with west coast pioneer Dr. Dre featured, it becomes clear that a torch is being passed to a new hip- hop great.

It was preceded by the release of Kendrick's debut studio album (2011), released exclusively through the as an independent album. The album was recorded mostly at several studios in California, with producers such as,,,,, and, among others, contributing to the album.

Billed as a 'short film by Kendrick Lamar' on the album cover, the follows the story of Lamar's teenage experiences in the drug-infested streets and lifestyle of his native. Good Kid, M.A.A.D City received widespread acclaim from critics, who praised its thematic scope and Lamar's lyrics. It earned Lamar four nominations at the, including.

The album debuted at number two on the US, selling 242,000 copies in its first week – earning the highest first-week hip hop album sales of 2012 from a male artist, along with the best-selling debut from a male artist of the year. It became Lamar's first album to enter the, peaking at number 16, and entering the at number two. The album was also named to many end-of-the-year lists, often topping them.

It was later certified by the (RIAA) in June 2018. By April 2018, the album had sold 1.7 million copies domestically. The album's release was supported by five singles – ', ', ', ' and '. All five singles achieved chart success, of varying degrees.

Lamar also went on a world tour between May and August 2013, featuring the other members of the,. Lamar wanted to discuss life in his native, on the album. After the release and success of his debut studio album (2011), Lamar signed a major label with and 's. He told that he did not want to work with high-profile producers, but with those he had established himself with, mainly producers from 's in-house production team,. In an interview for, Lamar said that the album would not sound like Section. Cara Instal Printer Canon Mp287 Tanpa Cd Driver. 80, but will return to his roots: 'I couldn't tell you what type of sound or where I [will] be in the next five years as far as music. Download Adventureworks 2012 Db.

Back to the neighbourhood and [going] back in that same space where we used to be, got [me] inspired. So this album won't sound like Section.80.' Lamar also said that the album will showcase the influence of his hometown: 'The kid that's trying to escape that influence, trying his best to escape that influence, has always been pulled back in because of circumstances that be'. Before the album's title was officially revealed, fans had already been calling Lamar's major label debut Good Kid, Mad City or Good Kid in a Mad City, as it was a nickname Lamar had given himself. The album's title mainly refers to Lamar's childhood innocence, and how Compton affected his life. After keeping the album title's acronym concealed, Lamar later revealed M.A.A.D is an acronym with two meanings: ' My Angry Adolescence Divided' and ' My Angels on ', with Lamar stating: 'That was me, [and it's] the reason why I don't smoke. It was just me getting my hands on the wrong thing at the wrong time [and] being oblivious to it.'

The cover artwork for Good Kid, M.A.A.D City features a baby Lamar, two of his uncles, and his grandfather, with the elders' eyes censored. Though there is no confirmed explanation for why Lamar chose to do this, he explained that the reason why he had not censored his own eyes was that the album's story was told through his eyes, and is based around his experiences. The uncle who is holding Lamar also is displaying the gang sign with his hand, and the poster above the head of the uncle features Lamar and his father.

Recording and production [ ]. Founder executive produced the album. Recording sessions for the album took place at PatchWerk Recording Studios in, Encore Studios in, TDE Red Room in, and 'At My Mama's Studio' in Los Angeles. The first song that Lamar recorded for the album was 'Compton', which featured Dr.

The track serves as the twelfth track on the album, and acts as the standard edition's closing track. On August 15, 2012, Lady Gaga announced via Twitter, that she had collaborated with Lamar on a song called 'Partynauseous', for the album, and would be released on September 6.

However, on August 23, Gaga announced that the song was no longer being released on that date and apologized to fans for the delay. Eventually, it was confirmed that Lady Gaga would not be featured on the album due to timing issues and creative differences. The song was later revealed to be re-titled 'Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe'.

On November 8, Gaga released the version she was featured on, which had her singing the and a. Lamar expressed he was surprised and happy that Gaga released her version of the song, as it displayed confidence in their work together. Music and lyrics [ ]. 'The accuracy of its intimate autobiographical details is irrelevant—what matters is that this album helps you feel the internal struggles of a good kid who may not be good enough as he risks derailing his life by succumbing to the kneejerk loyalty, petty criminality, and gang warfare of the hood he calls home.

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