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Inno Setup Kill Process Before Install

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I am searching for a possibility to show a user a note on how to proceed during install of a redistributable. Background: I have some Components that require 3rd party installations which are quit complex. If a user selects one of these components a message box with instructions are shown. After this box the resistributables are executet via exec/shellExec with 'ewWaitUntilTerminated'. Unfortunately the user cannot see the box during installation. I tried to just open the notes in notepad and use 'ewNoWait', but than it will not close automatically after each installation of the redistributalbe. Download Game Winning Eleven 2005 Pc more.

Inno Setup MsiLinux Kill Process

The user can chose more than one of these components and this help should only be visible during the specific installation. To kill the notepad with taskkill is not an option, it could kill opened notepad from the user. Is there any elegant way to get such behaviour?

May 13, 2008  How to close an instance of Application before Uninstall. I use Inno Setup which has an UninstallRun. That takes a command line param for the program to kill.