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Patricia 'Patty' Smyth (born June 26, 1957) is an American singer and songwriter.She first came into national attention in the band Scandal.She went on to record and perform on her own. Patricia 'Patty' Smyth (born June 26, 1957) is an American singer and songwriter. She first came into national attention in the band Scandal. She went on to record and perform on her own. Patty Smyth, both with her hit band Scandal and as a solo artist, has always been, at heart, a rock and roll chick, and that’s no truer today for the mother of.

Patty Smyth, both with her hit band Scandal and as a solo artist, has always been, at heart, a rock and roll chick, and that’s no truer today for the mother of six, now back on the road and raring to play for fans new and old. If Smyth did nothing but marry New York punk poet Richard Hell (with whom she had her oldest daughter Ruby), then noted tennis punk and commentator John McEnroe (who had three kids of his own and then two more with Patty), that would be amazing enough, but she’s also earned both Oscar and Grammy nominations, recorded a series of hit singles and albums and enjoyed a successful reunion on VH1’s Bands Reunited series.

Cyberlink Powercinema 5 Crack. The Patty Smyth Web Page - Albums by Scandal and Patty Smyth Scandal - Self-Titled, 1982: This five song album was the best selling EP in Columbia Records' history. (Although it's been inferred that the record was recently beaten) Click on the indicated song title to see its lyrics. Kelemahan Kia Carnival Diesel Manual on this page. • - released 1982, #65 on Billboard charts. • 'Win Some, Lose Some' - released 1983 • 'Love's Got A Line On You' - released 1983, #59 on Billboard. Also used on the Soundtrack to Easy Money• 'She Can't Say No' • 'Another Bad Love' - B side to 'Love's.' And 'Win Some.' Scandal - Warrior, 1984: Click on the indicated song title to see its lyrics.

• - released Sep. 22, 1984, #7 on Billboard. Written by Holly Knight and Nick Gilder, who also had hits with Heart ('Never') and Pat Benatar.

Haven't heard it in a while? Wanna hear it again?

(264K) • 'Beat Of A Heart' - released 1985, #41 on Billboard charts. • 'Hands Tied' - released 1984, #41 on Billboard charts. • 'Less Than Half' - B Side to 'The Warrior' • 'Only The Young' - A cover of the Steve Perry hit, but it was recorded BEFORE Journey released their version. • 'All I Want' • 'Talk To Me' • 'Say What You Will' - A BEAUTIFUL ballad that really shows off her voice.

This is easily my favorite song. • 'Tonight' - B side to 'Beat of a Heart' • 'Maybe We Went Too Far' - B side to 'Hands Tied' Patty Smyth - Never Enough, 1987: • 'Never Enough' - released 1987, reached #61 on Billboard.

One of only two songs on this album actually written by Patty. (See below) • 'Downtown Train' - released 1987, reached #95. Written by Tom Waits. Rod Stewart's version, released a few years later, was a huge hit. • 'Give It Time' • 'Call To Heaven' - A song about war, sung with a great deal of power and feeling. Perhaps Patty's best work.

• 'The River Cried' • 'Isn't It Enough' - released 1987. A cover of the hit song by Danny Wilde, it was marginally successful for Patty. (#95) • 'Sue Lee' - A cute song co-written by Rick Chertoff, producer of the album, who also worked on Warrior (as A&R). • 'Tough Love' - B side to 'Downtown Train' • 'Heartache Heard 'Round The World' - The other song written by Patty, Eric Bazilian, and Rod Hyman of the Hooters. B side to 'Never Enough'. At the end of the album, Patty sings a short lullaby to Ruby, her daughter. The song is not listed on the sleeve.

Patty Smyth - Self-Titled, 1992: Click on the indicated song title to see its lyrics. • 'No Mistakes' - Released 1993, #33 on Billboard charts. Written about Patty's daughter, Ruby. • 'Too Much Love' - The pseudo-rap bridge doesn't work, IMHO.

• 'Make Me A Believer' - 'Brings banal lyrics to life with a strong, throaty vocal.' -- Spin magazine • - Released Oct. The hit duet with Don Henley. #1 on Billboard AC charts, 10/11/92.

#2 on Billboard Pop charts. Nominated for a Grammy, Best Adult Contemporary, 1993. • 'Out There' - Ruby and the children in her class sing backup. B side to 'Sometimes.' • 'River of Love' - B side to 'No Mistakes' • 'My Town' - A tough but loving look at New York.

Patty cusses! • 'Shine' - A soulful, SEXY song that may have been released after 'Laughing'. I can't believe it wasn't a bigger hit, though, and I don't know why I never heard it. • 'One Moment To Another' • 'I Should Be Laughing' - released 1993. A powerful ballad that made #86 on Billboard. (Thanks to Sony for getting me the chart info) Patty Smyth - Greatest Hits (featuring Scandal), 1998: The last album released from Columbia/Legacy records. There's a nice, long retrospective of Patty's life and career in the liner notes, written by David Wild of Rolling Stone.

(Probably one of the few times someone associated with that magazine has even mentioned her.) Click on the indicated song title to see its lyrics. • 'The Warrior' - from 'Warrior'. • 'Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough' - from 'Patty Smyth'. • - A new song, also found on the 'Armageddon' soundtrack. The sound reminds me of Matchbox 20, which makes sense given that they share the same producer. • 'Carnival Lights' - The other new song from this album. Patty wrote it about her mother, and there's a story about her in the liner notes.

• 'Love's Got A Line On You' - from 'Scandal' • 'Goodbye To You' - from 'Scandal' • 'I Should Be Laughing' - from 'Patty Smyth' • 'Downtown Train' - A remix of the song from 'Never Enough'. It's a harder rocking version than the original, concentrating more on Patty's vocal take on the Tom Waits hit. • 'The River Cried' - from 'Never Enough'. I hope this song finds some airplay this time around, it's a great tune.

• 'Everyone Gets Older' - An unreleased track from the 'Never Enough' sessions of 1985. • 'Say What You Will' - from 'Warrior' • 'Beat Of A Heart' - from 'Warrior' • 'Heartache Heard 'Round the World' - from 'Never Enough' • 'Isn't It Enough' - from 'Never Enough' • 'No Mistakes' - from 'Patty Smyth' • 'Hands Tied' - from 'Warrior' VH-1 'We Are The 80's' Scandal, 2006: This 'greatest hits' album was just released in connection with VH-1's 'We Are the 80's' series.

It's a GREAT album, though, although it would have been even better as a DualDisk, with some videos.:) Still, there are four new tracks on the album from Scandal's early days, including three that have never even been released before. So it is well worth the price. Click on the indicated song title to see its lyrics. • 'Goodbye To You' - from 'Scandal'. • 'Love's Got A Line On You' - from 'Scandal'. Although this song wasn't as big a hit as 'Goodbye To You', it always gets a really big reaction in concert. • 'The Warrior' - from 'Warrior'.

• 'Win Some, Lose Some' - from 'Scandal'. This is the one song off of the EP that was not available on 'Scandalous', and it's well worth checking out. For this song alone, it's worth buying the album, as a CD release of the EP. • 'She Can't Say No' - from 'Scandal' • 'Another Bad Love' - from 'Scandal' • 'All My Life' - the B-side to 'Goodbye To You', previously unreleased on any album or on CD. A great song from the very start of Patty's career, where she seems to look ahead at what awaits her. • 'Hands Tied' - from 'Warrior'. The second release after 'Warrior' and the other fairly big hit from it.

• 'Beat Of A Heart' - from 'Warrior'. My absolute favorite song, the third release from 'Warrior'. • 'Say What You Will' - from 'Warrior'.

I commented on this song above, and again, it's an incredible song, painfully emotional, where Patty sounds like she could burst into tears any second. (And from what I've heard, she did. She only did one take because she couldn't make it through any of her other tries) • 'Tonight' - from 'Warrior'. • - the first of the previously unreleased tracks on this album. This is an INCREDIBLE song, with a really cool, bluesy intro.

And you can hear traces of what might, over time, have grown into 'Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough.' • 'If You Love Me' - the second unreleased track. I think the title may be a typo, from the lyrics it sounds like it's supposed to be 'If You LEAVE Me'.

• 'I'm Here Tonight' - the third unreleased track. (image is from the 'Hands Tied' single) Scandal - Picture Disk, 1985: • Side One - From 'Scandal' • 'Goodbye To You' • 'Love's Got A Line On You' • Side Two - From 'Warrior' • 'The Warrior' • 'Hands Tied' Scandal/Patty Smyth - Scandalous, 1992: With the release of 'We Are The 80's', this album is redundant, now. It is the only place that you can find songs from ALL THREE of Patty's 80's albums, but none of the songs from 'Patty Smyth' are on it. And I'm still disappointed 'Downtown Train' wasn't on it. • 'Goodbye To You' - From 'Scandal' • 'Never Enough' - From 'Never Enough' (the first solo album) • 'Only The Young' - From 'Warrior' • 'Talk To Me' - From 'Warrior' • 'Beat Of A Heart' - From 'Warrior' • 'The Warrior' - From 'Warrior' • 'She Can't Say No' - From 'Scandal' • 'Say What You Will' - From 'Warrior' • 'Another Bad Love' - From 'Scandal' • 'Love's Got A Line On You' - From 'Scandal' If you spot any errors in this discography, please let me know.