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Create your Tech Rider online, fast and free When you're playing in a band, you want everything to be perfect. You want to look good, sound good and have a day that's easy with no technical problems. Many bands don't realize that they can make this process so much easier by generating a Stage Plot online. Tech Riders are essential for every band and enable everybody to have a much easier show experience. On your Stage Plot you can show where each member of the band and each instrument will be positioned on stage, including the locations of the mics, amplifiers, monitors and possibly the cable positions. The key is to create a clear but specific Tech Rider, so everything is set up accordingly and everything is prepared for you, get it right and you will find your checks will go smoothly with very little hassle. A good Stage Plot will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Stage Plot What is a Stage Plot? Single Collection Crazy Ken Band Rar. A Stage Plot (or technical rider) is a document that details exactly what your band needs to make a show fantastic. It details the equipment and instruments of every band member, the input you will need from the venues that you're playing and how you want your stage to look and sound. What Can You Include on a Tech Rider? Manual Of Minor Exorcisms Bishop Julian Porteous Fasteners on this page. If you're a small band and you don't have much equipment or instruments with you, your Stage Plot will most likely mainly cover the gear that you're using onstage. As your band grows, your Tech Rider will start to include any FOH consoles that you bring with you, the lighting rigs you're touring with and any pyrotechnics that you have onstage. A Stage Plot is constantly updated as you continue touring and continue growing as a band.

How Do You Create a Stage Plot? You can search for bands who have a similar sound to yours, as they will more than likely have a similar Tech Rider to the one that you'll need. When you don't have a good idea of what you need to include on your Tech Rider, then make a list of the equipment you have for your band and the make and model that this equipment is. When you've done this, you can use an online Stage Plot generator to create your full Tech Rider online. What Do You Do With a Stage Plot? Once you've created your Tech Rider, you can send it out to all venues that you will be playing in advance of you doing your shows there.

They will know exactly what equipment to expect from you and your day will run a lot more smoothly. You'll soon see what a difference sending this Tech Rider out to venues in advance makes to the quality of your live show! Don’t forget your name and contact details. Preferably you want to have someone as your technical contact, it can be any members of the band who have the best knowledge and set up experience.