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The Klub 17

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Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Download Video Dangdut Koplo Palapa Hot. The Klub 17 v7.5. This is standalone installation, you can't update any of the previous versions with this installation. How move your poses, models.

Launch the game from the Binaries folder by running the TK17_Launcher.exe file. Launching the game from any of other place may launch the vanilla game (bypassing the hook) instead or cause a crash. Once the launcher has popped up hit Options and MAKE SURE you CHANGE THE OPTION MARKED 'RENDERER TYPE' TO 'DIRECTX'. Again, make sure the renderer is set to DirectX. After that, you can change your resolution size and if you want fullscreen on or off.

Once finished in the Options panel, make sure you click the SAVE button at the bottom. It won't look like it does anything but it does. Once finished, click on Free Game (the pair of tits) AND FOR GOD SAKE DON'T FUCK WITH THE PASSWORD FIELDS, just click the START button down at the bottom to launch the game. FaceMate is a program which allows the user to port faces from celebrities, girls from highschool you wanted to fuck, inactive pornstars, current pornstars, friends, family, and even yourself into the game. The instructions for FaceMating are also in-game so I'll skip 'em here. Open up your character customization menu and click on the FaceMate tab and get started. The results of your Facemate will range from 10/10 to so-so to hilariously poor tier.

Download/save any image on the internet you can find that has your desired person facing the camera. 3/4th views won't work. Try to have their features as unobstructed as possible. Bangs will more than likely fuck up. Then, save the image as a.png in Mod/Facemate. You'll be able to see the image in your FaceMate. Follow the directions from there.

Original Credit for this guide to 'I want my game to look like yours!' Iceman's Binaries: BigGuy's Binaries: Main.fx files: (Requires Hook 3.96a, found here: Bfz's Main.fx: INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: 1: Get version 7.5: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2589440A4E4689AF159A742CD256ED3535EEBCEE& It's a magnet link. That means you need a torrent program to open it. UTorrent is universal. Qbittorrent works fine as well if you prefer that, but some issues have been reported with deluge. 2: Install 7.5: Just run the.exe and select the path you want it to go to. I cannot recommend installing as a mobile application as I cannot speak on the ENB/hook compatibility.

It is recommended that you install it in c: (the default position) and not in the program files folder as that may cause some complications. 3A: Download hook 3a or better from modsgarden and skip to section 4. Hook 3a: 3B: If your computer is laughably bad, read below. Select your hook/ENB: As of the previous step you have installed the vanilla version of the game. Now it's high time you make it fappable. There are three basic hooks (1b, 2a, 2b), each of which with its own set of variants.

Each hook (and each variant) add a different effect to your game. There are also three standalone hooks (Skyrim hook, Hook Full hook, Sweet sunset). Hookv1 is a more 'realistic' filter which has soft focus features and a whole lot of bloom. Hookv2 is cell shaded and in my opinion needs the HQ textures or else it looks like ass.

A) First you need to download the hookpack, which includes hooks 1b, 2a, 2b, their variants and the standalone skyrim hook: The skyrim hook can also be found on its own here: The Hook-Full package with the standalone cel-shader hook can be found here: The Sweet Sunset standalone hook can be found here: Inside the hookpack are also pics and a README file that show what effect each hook/variant combination has. B) Look at the pictures and decide what hook/variant you want to install (you can only install one hook at a time. You can't have hooks 1b and 2a together) C) Install the core files of the hook you chose (for hooks 1b, 2a and 2b) To do that you need to copy the core files of the hook into the binaries folder of your game.

Example: If you chose hook 1b, go to /core files/hook1b and copy all those files (there are 6 of them) into the the /TheKlub17/binaries directory. If you chose hook 2a go to /core files/hook2a and copy those files (2 files and a folder containing three more) to /theklub17/binaries directory and so on. D) Now that you have installed the hook you need to install the variant of your choice. It goes without saying that you need to install a variant that corresponds to the hook you installed. For example one of the 2a variants if you installed hook 2a.

Not an 1B variant for hook 2b and so on. You must copy the files of that variant (a main.fx file or the shader folder as well if that exists) into your binaries so that it will overwrite the basic main.fx of the hook. Some authors have written more than 1 main.fx in which case they are named main.wet.fx / main.dry.fx / main.cartoon.fx based on their effect and so that they can be distinguished. In this case you have to rename the fx file you chose into main.fx so that it will overwrite the basic main.fx file when you place it into your binaries. Example: You have installed the 1b hook and from the 1b variants you chose veryslow's dry fx file. You go to /variants/veryslow/ and rename main.dry.fx into main.fx then copy it to /TheKlub17/binaries and overwrite the basic main.fx of the hook that is already there. E) Skyrim's hook,sweet sunset hook and the hook full hook have no variants.

If you choose one of them you just copy all of its files into your binaries folder. F) If you are using hook 2A or 2B, you might also want to check out shaders.jpg, which corresponds to 'hook_shaders.fx' files. You add a shader similarly to how you add a main.fx file. You choose which you like, then you copy it to the hook_data folder in your binaries.